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Nail Salon Workers Fight for Health, Dignity, and Justice

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How Nail Salon Workers Are Transforming Their Industry

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A Seat At The Table: Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council Act


New York’s nail salon industry is facing a systemic crisis that requires a systemic solution. That’s why NY’s nail salon workers are rallying behind the Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council Act (S8166/A9398), landmark legislation to give workers a seat at the table alongside government and small business owners to collaborate on new standards across the industry.

If passed, the legislation will:

  • Build a new foundation for the entire industry to support thriving, sustainable communities and nail salon businesses across the state.
  • Empower experts in the industry - both workers and owners - to work with government and develop solutions tailored to the unique needs of the nail salon industry.
  • Create fair pricing for nail services that reverse the race to the bottom, to support better working conditions for workers, improve customers’ experiences, and level the playing field for responsible salon owners.
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Why Nail Salon Workers Are Organizing for Change

Nail salon work is overwhelmingly performed by immigrant women of color, many of whom are single mothers and sole breadwinners for their families. While nail salon workers have successfully organized to win new labor protections in New York, issues like wage theft, lack of protections from exposure to toxic chemicals, and other poor working conditions remain pervasive and widespread in the industry.

Get Involved!


Help us build more nail salon worker leadership in our campaign as we fight to get the Nail Salon Minimum Standards Council Act passed.

Together, we can create a nail salon industry that is just, dignified and safe for workers, consumers and business owners alike.